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Kawasaki 600 Ninja

Ninja 600R, ZX600-C

This was the original Ninja 600 and was made from 1985-1997 with no real changes other than BNG (Bold New Graphics).

ZZR600, ZX600-E

The ZX600-E was made from 1993 until 2005, and is referred to as a ZX6 and a ZZR600.

ZX-6RR, ZX600-K/M/N/P/R

This version was made from 2003 until 2012 and is known as the Double R Version or Race Replica.

ZX-6R, ZX636-B/C/D

This bike has a larger engine than the other Ninja 600s, was originally produced from 2003 until 2006, and is referred to as the ZX-6R.

ZX-6R, ZX636-E/F

This is the newest version of the Ninja 600. It has a 636cc engine, and is again called the ZX-6R.

The chart below shows the model numbers, model names and year breakdown:

Model Number Model Name Year
ZX600-C Ninja 600R 1989-1997
ZX600-D ZX-6 1990-1993
ZX600-E ZX-6 1993-2002
ZX600-E ZZR600 2002-2005
ZX600-F ZX-6R 1995-1997
ZX600-G ZX-6R 1998-1999
ZX600-J ZX-6R 2000-2002
ZX600-J ZZR600 2005-2008
ZX600-J ZZR600 2005-2008
ZX600-K ZX-6RR 2003
ZX600-M ZX-6RR 2004
ZX600-N ZX-6RR 2005-2006
ZX600-P ZX-6R 2007-2008
ZX600-R ZX-6R 2009-2012
ZX636-B ZX-6R 2003-2004
ZX636-C ZX-6R 2005-2006
ZX636-D ZX-6R 2006
ZX636-E ZX-6R 2013-2014
ZX636-F ABS ZX-6R 2013-2014