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We here at WWW.BOSSBEARING.COM are excited to offer a Rider Support Program. Whether you are trying to break in to the sport or are an experienced rider, we have something to offer you.

Please take the time to read through what we are looking for and how to apply.

What do we want in a rider?

Someone who gives 100% in all areas of his or her life be it racing, school, work or volunteering and civic involvement. We want a rider who is driven, and focused on becoming THE BEST; someone who acts in a professional manor on and off the track.

When can you apply?

We are always accepting application packets. New riders will be evaluated for selection every quarter.

When might you hear from us?

If selected you will be contacted (via e-mail) within 2-4 weeks after application packet due dates. Be sure to check your spam folder! Keep in mind that calling or emailing to ask about status will not speed up the process. If you do not hear from us you have not been chosen! Please feel free to reapply the following season.

2017 Selection Schedule

First Quarter Selection: Application packets due BEFORE March 31

Second Quarter Selection: Application packets due BEFORE June 30

Third Quarter Selection: Application packets due BEFORE September 30

Fourth Quarter Selection: Application packets due BEFORE December 31

What do you get in this program?

You will receive a promo kit including packs of stickers and other freebies to give out to your fans and fellow racers. Along with the kit you’ll receive a discount code that can be used for any products on our website. You will also receive discounts on items that are special order or custom aftermarket products.

What should you include with your packet?

Professional presentation is required!


-Two or three letters of reference from someone other than family members

-Report Card (If you are still in school)

-List of Bikes or Quads you currently own and race

-Pictures (hard copies or .pdfs of head shots and action shots are required. Links to photo sharing sites are a plus; CDs, DVDs, or memory sticks are not accepted)

-Social Media involvement with direct link URLs

-Current standings and/or last season’s standings.

-Email address (This is how you will be contacted!!!)

*Please note anything you include in your packet will NOT be returned.

How do you apply?

Mail your application packet to:

Boss Bearing RSP

Attn: Tammy Slade

2100 West Front St.

Statesville, NC 28677