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Having trouble figuring out your model?

For example, is your Sportsman an AA,AB,AC,AG,AH,AT? Here is an easy way to find the answer – take a look at the VIN number. The last two letters of the VIN are the model designation. Most Polaris Sportsman have the VIN on a decal sticker on one of the front fenders or stamped into the frame under the left side foot well.

Did You Know?

Sportsman HO = High Output

Sportsman EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection

Sportsman XP = Xtreme Performance

Sportsman EPS = Electronic Power Steering

Sportsman Touring = 2-Seater

Sportsman X2 = Rear Dump Box

Sportsman 6x6 = 6 Wheel Drive

Sportsman RSE = Remington Special Edition – Camo

Sportsman IRS = Independent Rear Suspension

Sportsman S = Solid Rear Axle

Sportsman EBS = Electronic Braking System